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@morinted morinted released this Jul 2, 2018

Installation Guide

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Plover weekly-v4.0.0.dev8+66.g685bd33

Plover is going through a huge overhaul to make for a better experience for our users, and developers, too.

Warning: Version 4 is a major change and the configuration file it creates is not compatible with Plover 3 or earlier. Please backup your plover.cfg


  • Windows: fix C++ Redistributable DLL error (#957)
  • Windows: fix emoji output (#942)
  • Mac: fix portable mode (#932)
  • Main Dictionary updates:
    1. use AOE instead of E for prefix "e" (#951)
    2. update from issue 400 (#960)
  • Fix issues when output is set to "Spaces After" (#965)
  • Tooltips added for dictionary status icons (#962)
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