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Plover v4.0.0.dev8+8.ge062cda6

Plover is going through a huge overhaul to make for a better experience for our users, and developers, too.

Warning: Version 4 is a major change and the configuration file it creates is not compatible with Plover 3 or earlier. Please backup your plover.cfg


  • disable serial flow control settings when not applicable (this was known to cause weird issues when changed from default)
  • the paper tape now has improved support for non-Latin keys
  • the log files encoding is now always set to UTF-8 (so Unicode in translations is properly handled)
  • configuration changes by plugins are now fully validated before being applied
  • improve support for installing plugins from source
  • when running from a distribution, Plover can be started with --no-user-plugins to disable user plugins: the distribution default embedded plugins will still be available, so the plugins manager can be used to update/remove a problematic plugin
  • [Linux] fix crash when using a Microsoft keyboard
  • [Linux] fix crash when the window manager does not support the NETWM protocol (with commands like {PLOVER:ADD_TRANSLATION})

Installation Guide

Download below this post.