Main dictionary changes

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Main dictionary changes

Notes on significant/breaking changes between releases

To suggest changes to the dictionary, please leave a comment on [](issue #400).

November 2017

  • First version: weekly-v4.0.0.dev5+9.gba958374
  • Commit hash: 06def5968

6,494 additions and 965 deletions

  • A*UT is now "auth". Use OEUT for the "auto^" prefix.
  • HR*RT to write "alright" (even though it isn't really a word :) )
  • ex:
    • Prefix "ex^" is EBGS
    • Word "ex" is *EBGS
    • Suffix "^ex" is KWREBGS or SKWREBGS
  • R-L is a new brief for "really". Use -RL for "recall".
  • R-D is a new brief for "ready".
  • Phrases without asterisk go forward, with asterisk go backward. E.g., SRU is "have you" and SR*U is "you have". This is reversed from before.
  • KIRM: confirm, KORM: conform
  • RE/HRAOEFD is now "released", RE/HREFD or RE/HRAO*EFD is "relieved".
  • SEUGT is now "sitting" and "signature" can be written with SEURG
  • SOER is "sorry", SOR for "sore"
  • STEUBGS is now "sticks", use ST-BGS for "statistics"
  • SPEBGT is "suspect", use R-PT for "respect".
  • New vocab: "m8", "vape", "sext", "dociousaliexpilisticfragicalirupes", "dayum", "covfefe", and many others.
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