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@leedavi leedavi released this Oct 12, 2021

Fix incorrect Language Setting for Currency.

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@leedavi leedavi released this Jul 14, 2021

    - Minor updates
    - Fix problem product save being slow.
    - Translation improvements NL
    - DDRMenu depth fix
    - Filter improvments 
    - remove limit on orders in NBrightBuy_DashboardStats 
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@leedavi leedavi released this Feb 16, 2021

    - Minor updates
    - Fix problem with cahce on product header.
    - Fix duplicate plugin records.
    - Convert Dev to DNNpackager. 
    - Bi-Directional Related Products option.
    - Fix tax on not included tax prices.
    - Improved uninstall script

If you get an error with the skin when upgrading. Replace "OpenStore.dnn" file in the install zip with "OpenStoreUpgrade.dnn"

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@leedavi leedavi released this Jul 8, 2020

    - Minor updates
    - Option to allow shipping to calculate with discounts.
    - Fix Sales Role security on Orders andClients.


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@leedavi leedavi released this Feb 19, 2020

DNN9 has an issue with skin reload, so we have created a "upgrade" install package. This package should only be used to upgrade OpenStore v4.

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@leedavi leedavi released this Dec 11, 2019

    - Add Filter ByProduct list.
    - Change DNN manifesto to use full skin installation.

v4.1.1 release is sponsor by Bond for web solutions

    - Fix for product list cache issue.
    - Update EventInterface to deal with multiple event providers.
    - Upgrade GetPropertyLisyByProductIds DB interface.
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Dec 11, 2019
v4.1.1 rel1

@leedavi leedavi released this Aug 28, 2019

    - Fix to Product Filter
    - Fix Sort cache
    - Upgrade .Net Framework to v7.4.2
    - Fix installation of OpenStoreBO.doctype.xml for CKeditor on Edge.
    - Add modelid to language model XML
    - Image resize in ProductUtils to use store settings value.
    - Remove cache from GetByType, so it can be called by Scheduler.
    - Simplify the EU tax check, to not use the Alpha chars are the tax country.
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Aug 28, 2019
Merge branch 'develop'

@leedavi leedavi released this Jul 17, 2019

v4.0.12 - Hide Model by language option

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