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* reverse geocoding includes looking up housenumbers from Tiger data
* added parameter to return simplified geometries
* new lookup call for getting address information for OSM objects
* new namedetails and extratags parameters that expose the name and extratags
fields of the placex table
* mobile website
* reverse web view
* drop support for postgres 8.4
* rewrite address interpolation
* switch to C++ version of osm2pgsql and rewrite tag filtering
* support for bridge:name and tunnel:name, man_made, junction
* drop way-node index (reduces database size by about 15%)
* add support for configuring tablespaces and webserver user
* better evaluation of search queries in right-to-left notation
* improve house number search for streets with many duplicate entries
* code cleanup (remove unused functions and tables)
* further improve ordering of results
* support for more lat/lon formats in search-as-reverse
* fix handling of GB postcodes
* new functional test suite
* support for waterway relations
* inherit postcodes from street to poi
* fix housenumber normalisation to find non-latin house numbers
* take viewbox into account for ordering of results
* pois may now inherit address tags from surrounding buildings
* improve what objects may participate in an address
* clean up handled class/type combinations to current OSM usage
* lots of bug fixes
* correct database rights for www-data
* add timestamps for update output
* load postgis via extension for postgis >= 2.0
* remove non-admin boundaries from addresses
* further improve ordering of results with same importance
* merge addr:postcode tags into object addresses
* include rank and importance in reverse geocode output
* replace ST_Line_Interpolate_Point with ST_LineInterpolatePoint
(for postgis >= 2.1)
* update osm2pgsql to latest version
* properly detect changes of admin_level
* remove landuses when name is removed
* smaller fixes
* update to openlayers 2.12 (now custom built)
* update fallback OSM boundaries
* add support for postgresql 9.2/9.3 and postgis 2.x
* add structured queries
* add options for polygon output in various formats
(geojson, svg, kml, postgis text)
* maintenance functions for deleting objects and updating regions
* web view for polygons that need deleting
* rate limiting using memcache
* improve layout of details page
* add support for boundary:postal_code
* full CORS support
* improve parenting of POIs
* support for extract daily diffs from Geofabrik
* support for addresses without a street
(addr:place and conscription number house numbers)
* improve layout of word and search_name_* tables
* support for US ZIP+4 codes
* refactoring of front-end PHP code
* lots of smaller bug fixes
* delete outdated entries from location_area_country
* remove remaining uses of INTEGER, to allow node ids larger than 2^31