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lonvia committed Nov 23, 2013
1 parent 45c1e75 commit e9222ba4c6a522f82bfc68ed1415f533aace5aa3
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@@ -309,6 +309,36 @@ function getDetails($aPlaceIDs)
return $aSearchResults;
+ /* Perform the actual query lookup.
+ Returns an ordered list of results, each with the following fields:
+ osm_type: type of corresponding OSM object
+ N - node
+ W - way
+ R - relation
+ P - postcode (internally computed)
+ osm_id: id of corresponding OSM object
+ class: general object class (corresponds to tag key of primary OSM tag)
+ type: subclass of object (corresponds to tag value of primary OSM tag)
+ admin_level: see
+ rank_search: rank in search hierarchy
+ (see also
+ rank_address: rank in address hierarchy (determines orer in address)
+ place_id: internal key (may differ between different instances)
+ country_code: ISO country code
+ langaddress: localized full address
+ placename: localized name of object
+ ref: content of ref tag (if available)
+ lon: longitude
+ lat: latitude
+ importance: importance of place based on Wikipedia link count
+ addressimportance: cumulated importance of address elements
+ extra_place: type of place (for admin boundaries, if there is a place tag)
+ aBoundingBox: bounding Box
+ label: short description of the object class/type (English only)
+ name: full name (currently the same as langaddress)
+ foundorder: further ordering value for places with same importance
+ */
function lookup()
if (!$this->sQuery && !$this->aStructuredQuery) return false;

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