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This release brings a new C++ version of osm2pgsql and some changes in the database structure that together mean about 20% less disk usage.

Upgrading from older versions

Please note that support for postgresql < 9.0 has been dropped with this release.

It is strongly recommended to reimport the database to fully profit from the improved import process. If that is not possible, you may upgrade from databases using Nominatim 2.1 or later. The following steps are necessary for upgrading from 2.3. Users of 2.1 and 2.2, please also take note of the upgrade instructions in the release notes for versions 2.2 and 2.3.

Steps for upgrading from 2.3:

  1. Download and compile Nominatim 2.4.0.

  2. Copy your old settings (settings/local.php, settings/configuration.txt and settings/state.txt)

  3. Install the new code into your postgres database by running:

    ./utils/setup.php --create-functions --enable-diff-updates --create-partition-functions

  4. Drop way-node index and pending columns (in psql):

    ALTER TABLE planet_osm_ways DROP COLUMN pending;
    ALTER TABLE planet_osm_rels DROP COLUMN pending;
    DROP INDEX planet_osm_ways_nodes;

Upgrading address interpolations

This release also contains a fix to correct computation of interpolated addresses when osm2pgsql flatnode files are used. If your database uses this, you need to recompute the address interpolations after upgrading to 2.4.0 as follows:

  • invalidate all interpolations (in psql):

    UPDATE placex SET indexed_status=2 WHERE rank_search = 28

  • disable update features:

    ./utils/setup.php --create-functions --create-partition-functions

  • reindex the whole lot:

    ./utils/update.php --index --index-instances <number of your cpus>

  • enable update features again:

    ./utils/setup.php --create-functions --enable-diff-updates --create-partition-functions