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This release brings two new output formats and a complete rewrite of the reverse geocoding algorithms.

We have added two new output formats for all API endpoints: geojson and geocodejson. The latter also exports for the first time address details by OSM admin level, which may be a help for all that want to process specific address parts further. Refer to the new documentation on output formats for details.

The reverse algorithm has been largely rewritten to deliver better results in sparsely populated areas and when looking for administrative entities (town, country etc.). For details refer to the original outline of the algorithm. The new algorithm will also ensure that reverse geocoding coordinates on a road only return results that reference that road. Previously it was possible to end up on a nearby building that belonged to another road.

Next to these two major changes, there are a number of bug fixes and code cleanup. For a more complete list of changes, see the ChangeLog file.

If you want to update from 3.x.x, there is a database migration path described in the migration guide. Migrating from 3.1.0 can be done without problems. However, when updating from 3.0.x, a full database reimport is strongly recommended. Updating from older releases is only possible with a database reimport.