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@lonvia lonvia released this Dec 28, 2019

This is a bugfix release for the bundled osm2pgsql. It fixes two important bugs:

  • Nominatim updates might hang due to a race between deletion and insertion of objects.
  • Address points might get lost in the Nominatim database when they are updated in OpenStreetMap.

This release also fixes a typo in the supplied import style files (see #1606 (comment)). If you have custom style files then you might have to fix this typo as well.

Databases running on 3.4.0 can be updated to the new release without any special provisions. If you run regular updates, you should consider a full reimport at some point to get back the missing address points.

If you want to update from 3.x.x, there is a database migration path described in the migration guide. Migrating from 3.1.0 can be done without problems. When updating from 3.0.x, a full database reimport is strongly recommended. Updating from older releases is only possible with a database reimport.

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