iD can create ways with duplicate nodes #1249

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several buildings have been create using id, where some nodes are used multiple times - for example, see :

(i'm leaving them unfixed as that might help to find out the cause)

would be nice finding out how this can happen, and maybe also have some internal validation ?

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Not seeing a problem with any of those ways. Having start == end is the normal state of affairs; that's how areas are represented in OSM.

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I think the issue is that there are multiple coincident nodes.

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right, sorry for not being more specific. see the screeshot with josm segment numbering enabled. the selection (red node at the top) is actually two nodes.

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@ansis ansis Prevent creation of ways with duplicate nodes
Related to #1249

The only I have been able to reproduce ways like this is by holding down alt and clicking twice, which seems a bit uncommon to hit. It might also possible that the first node doesn't get rendered before the second click in a doubleclick, making it not count as a click on a node. I don't know enough to say whether this is possible.

Added a checking in a8f41b8 to stop this if it is one of the above two cases. Any more info on how these were made would be great.

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@richlv please let us know if there's some other way to replicate this.

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sorry, i do not know how this was done - just spotted it in the data, created by a new user. thanks for the checks, hopefully they will help

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This seems to be happening again.

See how node/2561324153, node/2561324155 and node/2561324157 of way/249554566 are all the same. (full list)

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Let's see if #2135 fixes this -- let me know if you see it with iD 1.3.7 or later.

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