After editing, give a sense when map is updated #1660

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Something like:

You just edited OpenStreetMap

Your changes will appear within minutes


That's a good idea, but the update intervals differ greatly. It's some minutes or hours for zoom levels 13-17 and small objects. But I've seen some big farmlands not updating for months on levels below 12.


@int-ua - yeah, it's just a way of saying "be patient". We could add fine print Some features may take longer to appear details or somesuch.


Brittag's first-impression writeup confirms that we need this:

My biggest confusion at first was that my edits didn't show up right away, and the interface provided no hint about why that was happening (so I wondered if I was doing something wrong).


I think this is a good idea too, especially for newbies like lxbarth points out.

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