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split ways at intersection #750

jfirebaugh opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Need to be able to do this. Maybe just split all the ways?


I agree this needs doing.

Using Potlatch2 as a reference:

self-intersecting ways e.g.
Clipboard01 get split like so: Clipboard02which works quite well.

For multiple ways that intersect, Potlatch2 takes which ever way was selected last as the way which gets split. The other way(s) in the intersection don't change.


This is an area where P2's behavior of only showing vertices of the selected way pays off. Since there's no way to select the vertex to split at without first selecting a way, there is never ambiguity about which way to split. That's not true of iD currently -- it's possible to split a way without ever having the way itself selected.


@jfirebaugh so this is blocked by merging #1075 ?




Well, actually #1075 might not provide a full solution. Based on discussion there, we may always show shared vertices, and may show vertices on mouseover, either of which would mean we can't use P2's solution.

I'm going to implement this now as splitting all ways, or if the selection includes an intersecting way, just that one.

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