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Check in Oct 22 2012

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iD dev team check in Oct 22 2012

Oct 22 2012 5PM UTC on #osm-dev, present:

  • RichardF
  • jfire
  • samanbb
  • apmon
  • ris
  • alexbarth

IRC log

Testing / proofing


  • Remove Dojo dependency from Actions ('do stuff to OSM data')
  • Should ControllerStates be Dojo? tmcw will take a look.
  • We'll run with Dojo for Map rendering at least for Alpha 1


  • iD's UI should guide the user better, available actions should 'prompt' the user for actions
  • We'll need to do some broader hashing out here, RichardF will kick off with sharing his thoughts on a ticket on Github

Priorities / Backlog


  • We'll focus on modern browsers, old browsers fall back to Potlatch 2
  • Right now pull requests are larger as a result of wider reaching refactors, should get smaller soon, truly experimental staff should live in branches
  • We'll need a good presets format, not necessarily an Alpha 1 priority

Next actions

  • kick off UI ticket (@RichardF)
  • finish the coordinate-refactor branch (@tmcw)
  • work on getting no-dojo actions done & tested (@tmcw)
  • research translation options (@lxbarth)

Next meeting

Oct 29 2012, 5PM UTC, #osm-dev on

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