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Check in Oct 29 2012

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  • jfire
  • ppawel
  • tmcw
  • lxbarth

We were 45 minutes early with this meeting, @lxbarth had the time zone wrong - apologies.


  • Visual layer has been ported to d3
  • @jfire CORS is deployed on now
  • Translations has not moved, not high priority right now @lxbarth still interested
  • @tmcw summarized his first steps in a blog post
  • @ppawel brought up performance: ultimately, snappy performance is going to be paramount.
    • @tmcw not worried about rendering performance (zooming, panning, modifying) for now as there are optimization steps we can take further down the line (also see #42)
    • API is slow, this might be the harder issue to solve

Next up

  • Main next step is undo/redo
  • Editing/drawing speed improvement per #42

Next meeting

Nov 5 2012, 5PM UTC, #osm-dev on

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