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This is a plugin for extracting shapes from PDF files.
Generally useful if you have a map in PDF file and want to automate data extraction.
This plugin is available under the GPL licence (version 2.0 or later).
Uses PDFBox library to parse PDF files, see https://pdfbox.apache.org for more info.

+--- src                                source of your plugin
  |- images                             images your plugin needs
  |- resources                          resources your plugin needs

  README                                this file

  GPL-v2.0.txt                          GPL version 2 license text
  GPL-v3.0.txt                          GPL version 3 license text
  build.xml                             deployment build file

A JOSM plugin is built as a single jar. We use ant to build.

See build.xml in this directory and update the plugin specific properties in the
configuration section.

Maintaining versions
There are two versions maintained with each plugin:
   1) the main version
      This is the lowest JOSM version required by this plugin.
      You have to manually set the plugins main version in the build script.
      Set the property plugin.main.version in build.xml accordingly. 

   2) the build version
      The build version is unique for every build of the plugin. It is equal
      to the SVN revision of your plugin directory. 

 Both the main version and the build version are included in properties of the plugins
    Plugin-Version      the build version
    Plugin-Mainversion  the main version

 JOSM automatically detects whether a plugin needs to be upgraded. It compares the build
 version of the currently installed plugin jar with the build version of the plugin jar in 
 the SVN. The main version is irrelevant for this process.  
 Making your plugin available to JOSM users
 When a plugin jar is checked into SVN a script updates the plugins list on the JOSM wiki:
 JOSM retrieves the list of available plugins and their build versions from this list.

            commit      publish               read
                       meta data              meta data 
      Build  ==>  SVN  =======>  JOSM Wiki   <======= JOSM 
                            fetch current plugin jar 
 Note that you have to manually publish (commit) your plugin jar. There is no nightly build
 in place. Everything else (pulishing meta data, updating plugins in the client) is then handled 
 by automatic processes. 

See also
* Developing Plugins 
* List of JOSM Plugins