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An opensource OSM editor, written in C++ and Qt.

Health status

Platform Status
Windows (Tea-CI) Build Status
Linux and Mac OS X (Travis-CI) Build Status



Binary installation files are available for various Linux distributions and Windows.

These Linux distributions are known to provide current versions of Merkaartor:

  • Arch (via AUR)
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Gentoo

The Windows installer and Mac OS X bundle is available on the website:


You can clone this repository to obtain the current development version, or checkout a specific release (all of them are tagged). Detailed instructions can be found in the file in this directory.

Nightly builds

For Windows and Mac OS X, nightly builds are automatically generated using Tea-CI and Travis-CI, uploaded to bintray: .

There are currently no nightlies for Linux. It's usually easy to compile from source, and the vast amount of distributions doesn't make it easy. I'm considering making Ubuntu PPA. Let us know if you're interested!

Hacking the code

I'm always happy to see improvements done by other people. Feel free to contribute by sending pull requests for big or small stuff! There is some (very little, but it'll grow) useful stuff in, but if you have questions, contacts us on to have them answered!

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