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Merkaartor 0.18.4

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@Krakonos Krakonos released this 14 Nov 20:23
· 341 commits to master since this release

Maintenance release, bringing in a few bugfixes and compatibility with newer libraries.

Short changelog:

  • FIX: Fixed "Create rectangular building" when panning (issue 125).
  • FIX: Fixed wrong GPS track rendering of anonymized tracks (issue 181).
  • FIX: Fixed a few bugs in gpsd handling.
  • FIX: Fixed remote control not to trigger multiple downloads (issue 147).
  • FIX: Fixed parsing of some OSM links.
  • FIX: Fixed import of some GPX files.
  • FIX: Updated GDAL, Proj.4 and Exiv2 code to support newer versions.
  • FIX: Fixed wrong DPI when printing and exporting map.
  • FIX: Fixed OSM renderer caching mechanism.
  • FIX: Fixed wheel zooming speeds.
  • FIX: Various stability issues.
  • FIX: Various typos.
  • DEL: Removed broken plugins: gosmore, NavigBackground, Yahoo imagery.
  • DEL: Removed mobilemerk (unused and unusable build profile).
  • DEL: Spatialite backend (unused and unusable data backend).

SHA256 merkaartor-0.18.4-64bit.exe:
SHA256 merkaartor-0.18.4-qt5.dmg: 2b75d7bc5fc08dcd8039c51e1b0e3a63424ab47030d16cb6479f14e7c9368971