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Sort points and areas in data layer by size #182

Zverik opened this Issue · 2 comments

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It is often impossible to select POIs in the data layer, because the underlying landuse was added later and covers all other areas: example. I propose to sort all areas by size (that is, smaller areas should be selectable at all times if they are inside larger areas), and nodes should be always on top.

This issue is similar to #169.

(inb4 yes, I know about "hide areas" button. But if the data layer is unusable without it, shouldn't we try to fix it?)


Another temporary solution to the problem would be to set pointer-events: visibleStroke on all landuse polygons.


Sorting by size is far better than "hide areas". To use "hide areas" you have to know what an area is, and that areas are the reason you can't click on the clearly outlined dots shown on your screen. +1 on this.

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