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This is a larger change, an RFC on [talk] is pending.

This pull request adds a new page under like this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 2 56 21 PM

It is linked from a contributor's mark on the front page map:

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 2 59 42 PM

The idea behind this contributor's mark and this new page is to provide a visually compelling way to link back to OpenStreetMap from maps and communicate clearly what OpenStreetMap is about: community built, open geographic data, anybody can contribute.

Ideally this contributor mark finds broad adoption and is used by OSM data users like this.

The contributor's page can be configured to:

  • Reflect custom tile sets
  • Reflect the specific OSM data user ("Foursquare uses maps powered by data from OSM...")
  • Set an unobtrusive link to OSM service provider ("Maps from MapBox")

To help other users customize & use the link icon on their maps, there is a link in the bottom left corner of that brings up a little 'attribution builder' wizard that looks like this:

Step 1:
Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 3 03 39 PM

Step 2:
Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 3 01 58 PM

That code snippet is for a contributors mark meant to be dropped in the bottom right corner of maps, which links back to the /contributors page.

Aside from a pending review phase, this pull request still needs:

  • Translatable strings on
  • Model releases and permissions from photographers
  • Reconciliation with

@lxbarth will follow up momentarily with a corresponding RFC on [talk] in a bit elaborating on this idea.

Original design is by @yhahn. You can explore example usages of the contributors mark here (click on the mark on each of the examples and review how changes):

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Small bug in sprite positioning:

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@tmcw thanks for catching this: there was a mismatch on the background-size for the retina sprite. Fixed!

  • We'll need to include a specific reference to the ODbL license of the data and link to /copyright
  • We'll want to take a stronger cue from the overall design, @samanpwbb latest commit (681f7f9) is a first stab at that, but let's think about this a little more comprehensively together with all other adjustments that need to happen.
  • Adjust message to encourage potential mappers.
  • Needs browser testing
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Updating this pull request to note that, based on Alex's new RFC, this pull request will require some heavy re-tooling: For details, see

@jfirebaugh jfirebaugh referenced this pull request May 2, 2013

Attribution mark & copyright page redesign #246

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Proposal evolution continued in #246.

@samanpwbb samanpwbb closed this May 2, 2013
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