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Groups sketch #297

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tmcw commented Jun 10, 2013

/cc @emacsen @samanpwbb @mvexel

This is not functional yet. I don't think this is a good use of sprint time since it's not day-doable.

  • Get the Model to actually work
  • Finish the form
tmcw and others added some commits Jun 10, 2013
@tmcw tmcw Groups sketch 3807117
@ssinger ssinger Add the ability to creata a new group
This adds a new method to the groups_controller and
creates the database table for groups
@drewda drewda Group memberships
Now users can be members in groups. Migration and model included here… but controller endpoints and tests are outstanding.
@ssinger ssinger Adding a list all groups view to the group index
This provides a basic listing of all available groups
longer term this will need to look differently
@ssinger ssinger Add a basic page to view details about a group afeb2e5
@ssinger ssinger Require a user to be logged in to create a group 7966e7f
@drewda drewda Group memberships should clean up after themselves acade4a
@drewda drewda Groups: adding some test coverage d1f9f6a
drewda commented Jun 11, 2013

@tmcw, you can check off that first task now.

Zverik commented Jun 12, 2013

Are those public groups which all users can enter, or a user can create a private group and let only some people in?

Zverik commented Jun 12, 2013

yes, groups of friends who'd like to monitor each other mapping.

@drewda drewda Groups: controller and views in progress
I'll be returning to finish and polish.
drewda commented Jun 12, 2013

Good to know, @Zverik. I can keep that in mind for the future.

drewda commented Jun 13, 2013

Thanks for adding, @systemed. Please keep going if you have more time!

drewda and others added some commits Jun 17, 2013
@drewda drewda Merge branch 'master' into groups-sketch b580cfa
@drewda drewda Groups: member list can be edited 5c9e56b
@systemed systemed Show comment count with diary entries dfa170f
@drewda drewda Groups: each group's map now displays the bounding box of group members 9b4c48b
@drewda drewda Merge branch 'groups-sketch' of…
…te into groups-sketch
@drewda drewda Groups: improvements to the display of members 70792f1
@drewda drewda Groups: on user view page, link to each of their groups 2fde278
@drewda drewda Groups: more improvements to diary entries, so that they can be poste…
…d to groups
@systemed systemed Make sure group.js is precompiled 8636b9f
@systemed systemed Don't request individual group.js file 3ba2918
@drewda drewda Merge branch 'master' into groups-sketch
Conflicts resolved:
@drewda drewda putting group.js file in the right place
It should be separate from application.js, as we don't want it loading on the front page (and trying to clobber the main map), and it should be precompiled on production.
@drewda drewda group.js: removing reference to createMap() and adding reference to L…
@drewda drewda Merge commit 'dc877c3d0346531f7f478bad0b7d8c69807cffb5' into groups-s…
@drewda drewda groups: updating the form to work with the non-table styling 1fee009
@drewda drewda groups: leaders can send a message to all members
closes #11
@drewda drewda some tests to go with commit e91f601
related to #11
@drewda drewda Merge branch 'master' into groups-sketch
mvexel commented Sep 24, 2013

Note that there is a live instance of this at - so please have a look and work with the functionality in place. You will have to log in and go to your profile page to see the Groups functionality exposed.

OpenStreetMap on GitHub member

A few obvious issues I've noticed, firstly, when you join a group you see:

screenshot from 2013-09-24 20 25 26

Which looks like there is a translation missing.

Then on the main group view we see:

screenshot from 2013-09-24 20 25 12

Which has a strange blank space above the list of members, and the title for the list of diary posts is displaced over to the right instead of being about the diary entry.

OpenStreetMap on GitHub member

Ah the blank space is where the description should be - we should probably require that groups have at least some minimal description text.

iandees commented Sep 24, 2013

...and that %{title} was my screwup when making a change earlier. Should be fixed in the most recent code.

lxbarth commented Sep 24, 2013

As the discussion is reviving here I've posted some thoughts on groups I wrote up right after Birmingham. Discussion too broad for this thread, but I wanted to link here as it's relevant:

drewda commented Sep 24, 2013

@tomhughes right now the description is required to be two characters in length: That is, enough to make sure there's some text but not to ensure that it's meaningful or displayable.

OpenStreetMap on GitHub member
tyrasd commented Sep 24, 2013
  1. I get the following error message (HTTP code 500) when joining/leaving groups:

    ActionController::RedirectBackError: No HTTP_REFERER was set in the request to this action, so redirect_to :back could not be called successfully. If this is a test, make sure to specify request.env["HTTP_REFERER"].

    My browser doesn't send Referer information, so that could be the cause here.

  2. The notification bar (e.g. "You have joined …") apparently doesn't escape html-code. Try joining this group:

drewda commented Sep 24, 2013

Good catch on Item 2, @tyrasd ;-)


The main todo I was looking at was to get the diary entries properly paginated, but I got lost in a maze of twisty little views, all alike. If someone who actually knows what they're doing would like to fix that, that'd be excellent.

mikelmaron added some commits Jan 23, 2014
@mikelmaron mikelmaron Merge branch 'master' into groups-sketch
@mikelmaron mikelmaron Added groups view to diary_entry#list; limited entries to 20 on group…
@mikelmaron mikelmaron group changesets. layout tweaks 5f77560
@mikelmaron mikelmaron first rough commit of presets API f034ac5
OpenStreetMap on GitHub member
tmcw commented May 11, 2015

I think we should close this. It's very stale and nobody's working on it.


yea, not active. would be good to pick this up again sometime, but not in my view near term. moabi made quite a lot of additions on groups in the mean time too.


I'm still very keen to get this live, and we're pretty close. It'd be a huge boon to OSM.

I haven't been able to take it forward as a number of outstanding issues (notably the pagination) are beyond my rails-fu, though I've tried a couple of times. But with a bit of help I don't see why we couldn't get this live within the month.


The moabi / crowdcover groups work I contributed to is at in the groups-sketch branch. The key difference is that groups have a lead, and are invite only, with invites occurring via the messaging / email system. Group diaries are included as well as a group picture, and the group map now makes sense. No group changeset / history view was developed however. (The Moabi system also has a fair bit of other stuff with groups, including custom iD presets etc)

@tmcw tmcw closed this Nov 3, 2015
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