OSMembrane is a GUI front-end for “Osmosis” used by the OpenStreetMap project.
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OSMembrane - The GUI for osmosis Build Status

OSMembrane is a frontend to the Osmosis data processing tool. It helps by grouping tasks in functions and shows a visual representation of the pipeline. Additionally, it features a bounding box chooser and an AutoComplete list of key/key.value lists imported from JOSM.


Install the current version

A build of a recent version is always available on GitHub, you can download it here.

Java 10 is required to run OSMembrane (OpenJDK works fine). Depending on the operating system you can just double click the downloaded JAR file or run it on the command line with java -jar OSMembrane.jar.

A quick tutorial on how to use OSMembrane you can find here.

Building the application

The repository contains all necessary files to build the application from scratch by running Gradle. To actually build the application simply run the Makefile. Windows users can use the gradlew.bat.

# Build the application
~ $ make build

The resulting jar is located in the build/libs folder.


OSMembrane was developed by Christian Endres, Jakob Jarosch and Tobias Kuhn during a practical student project at the University of Stuttgart which was supervised by Igor Podolskiy.