OSMembrane is a GUI front-end for “Osmosis” used by the OpenStreetMap project.
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OSMembrane - The GUI for osmosis Build Status

OSMembrane is a frontend to the Osmosis data processing tool. It helps by grouping tasks in functions and shows a visual representation of the pipeline. Additionally, it features a bounding box chooser and an AutoComplete list of key/key.value lists imported from JOSM.


Install the current version

A build of a recent version is always available on GitHub, you can download it here.

Java 8 is required to run OSMembrane. After the installation of Java just double click the downloaded file.

A quick tutorial on how to use OSMembrane you can find here.

Building the application

The repository contains all necessary files to build the application from scratch. Only a current version of Apache Maven is required. To actually build the application simply run the Makefile. Windows users can use Vagrant to get a matching build environment.

# Installs required custom maven dependencies in the local repository
# This command must only be executed once
~ $ make depdendencies

# Actually builds the application
~ $ make build

The resulting jar is located in the target folder.


OSMembrane was developed by Christian Endres, Jakob Jarosch and Tobias Kuhn during a practical student project at the University of Stuttgart which was supervised by Igor Podolskiy.