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Databrowser does not allow selection of some object in the map view. #2760

openstreetmap-trac opened this issue Jul 23, 2021 · 1 comment


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Reporter: nroets[at]
[Submitted to the original trac issue database at 9.30am, Monday, 1st March 2010]

For example, open the link below and click on the water. The quarry will be selected.

To solve the problem, the first item that matches on this list should be selected:

  1. Points (PoI)
  2. Ways, shortest* ways first.
  3. Areas, smallest* area first.

*: It is sufficient to approximate that size, by calculating to the size of of the smallest bbox that contains the area.

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Author: TomH
[Added to the original trac issue at 9.44am, Monday, 1st March 2010]

I believe this is really an OpenLayers issue as we just use OpenLayer's OSM renderer to render OSM data and provide click handling.

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