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[admin] move administrative borders and administrative names to a special layer #3262

openstreetmap-trac opened this issue Jul 23, 2021 · 1 comment


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Reporter: Pontiac_CZ
[Submitted to the original trac issue database at 11.39am, Friday, 1st October 2010]

Look at this for instance:

You may see violet ways messing up the map. Doubled village names. Looks odd.
I think this sort of data has its purpose but not in the basic map. If you walk through the landscape and cross an administrative border and you get your eyeview off the screen and look around - will you see it? No, it's an abstract information.
Instead you will miss the track that could take you to your destination and which happens to share its nodes with the admin border and thus is invisible (as can be seen here:

Simply said: This kind of stuff should be placed in a special layer (overlays) IMHO. Or not rendered at all. The map with these violet lines is confusing. And last but not least it's not nice.

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Author: math1985
[Added to the original trac issue at 5.58pm, Tuesday, 10th June 2014]

This issue is now being discussed on Github: gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto#619
Therefore, I will close the issue here.

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