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large parts of the Indian Ocean (and other parts of the world) are rendered purple in zl17 only #3441

openstreetmap-trac opened this issue Jul 23, 2021 · 4 comments


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Reporter: Cobra
[Submitted to the original trac issue database at 2.18pm, Friday, 7th January 2011]

This was discovered yesterday evening in IRC.


It happens only in zoomlevel 17, 16 and 18 aren't affected. Rerendering doesn't help.

Most times there is a simple purple overlay, but some areas showed a "barcode" looking purple pattern, esp. at the eastern border of the affected area. Some areas show a darker purple than others.

I traced the outline in josm, see attached file.
Marked is a strange area with a non-rectangular border.

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Author: Kompa
[Added to the original trac issue at 12.03am, Wednesday, 12th January 2011]

This color can also be seen near "South Pole" which is rendered on (0,0)

"Barcode" might be explained as overflow on boundary near South Pole, which becomes "horizontal" dashed line. Still can't see why it becomes wide polygon.

Hopefully patch at may fix it.

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Author: wildmyron
[Added to the original trac issue at 8.00am, Thursday, 3rd March 2011]

This seems to have been fixed along with ticket:3452

Took some time after patch landed before South Pole was fixed and now that it has when I rerender tiles in my area (Perth, Western Australia) the purple background is gone.

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Author: temporalista
[Added to the original trac issue at 1.26pm, Monday, 14th March 2011]

The purple rectangles are still in many areas, not only the Indian Ocean E.g.:

The South Pole rectangle is still rendered close to Africa, although there is no wrong data behind.

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Author: Ldp
[Added to the original trac issue at 1.50am, Sunday, 22nd May 2011]

I can't see any traces of purple at any of the given example areas anymore.

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