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Strange calculated admin_level and unsearchable place=region relation boundary #3734

openstreetmap-trac opened this issue Jul 23, 2021 · 2 comments


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@openstreetmap-trac openstreetmap-trac commented Jul 23, 2021

Reporter: spod
[Submitted to the original trac issue database at 11.43am, Friday, 29th April 2011]

This OSM multipolygon boundary relation appears to be handled strangely in Nominatim:
The relation is tagged as "place=region", "name= (Fukuoka-ken)".

4 strange things:

  1. Searching for "Fukuoka" in Nominatim does not return the relation. Looks as if you need to search for the full name, not just "Fukuoka".

  2. The Nominatim details page:
    shows an admin_level in Nominatim of "15". The OSM relation does not have any "admin_level" tag and the members of the relation have "admin_level=6" tagging. So, assuming the Nominatim "admin_level" is the same as the OSM one, surely it should be 6 (or 'undefined'), not 15?

  3. The Nominatim 'address hierarchy' seems to place the relation 'inside/below' a highway (536), city (Fukuoka: and a county (Tamana: and another region (Kumamoto: Because the relation is tagged as "place=region", surely it shouldn't be inside smaller things or inside an object that is also a region?

  4. Nominatim appears to be classifying the Fukuoka-ken relation as "Type: boundary:administrative", but it is not tagged as such. It is tagged as "place=region". A node with a "place=region" tag seems to be classified as "Type: place:region", so is being treated differently for some reason.

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@openstreetmap-trac openstreetmap-trac commented Jul 23, 2021

Author: spod
[Added to the original trac issue at 9.11pm, Sunday, 1st May 2011]

5) Although the multipolygon is tagged with "place=region", it is ignored when searching for a sub-place.

e.g. when searching for "Fukutsu" the "Fukuoka-ken" multipolygon - tagged with "place=region" - should be selected as the region, because the multipolygon encloses the "Fukutsu" node. However, the node region "Kumamoto" is selected instead.

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@openstreetmap-trac openstreetmap-trac commented Jul 23, 2021

Author: lonvia
[Added to the original trac issue at 9.35am, Thursday, 1st May 2014]

  1. "Fukuoka" is a partial search, you need to ask for more search results before it is shown.

  2. admin_level must go on the relation. This has been done in the meantime and solves most of the issues.

  3. place=region are searchable but they are ignored in the address hierarchy because it is mostly used for places that exist outside any administrative hierarchies.

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