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One amongst us is not like the rest
OpenSuspect is an open source online social deduction game, like mafia.
OpenSuspect aims to be easily modifiable, however, our first maps and themes are going to be focused around the cold war.
It uses the Godot Engine.
This project is in very early stage development. However, see this guide for early playtesting.
Interested to get involved? We'd love to hear from you. Check out the contributors guide to get involved.

OpenSuspect is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 (see LICENSE.txt)

About the project

The OpenSuspect project is a team endevour of many volunteers. Our members work on the project in their spare time, often after work or school, so we don't have a rushed development schedule. Many of us regard the project as valuable experience in not just software development but also in team work. Our most important goals during development:

  • Supportive community
  • Openness
  • Keeping extensibiliy in mind
  • Focus on learning

However, we also understand that a game needs a direction, and some problems are easiest to solve in a top-down fashion. Therefore, we agreed to implement a team structure, where each team have their responsibilities, and are organized by an elected team leader. The project is guided by the council containing the team leaders and a few elected project coordinators, who set the goals together. For the current teams and leadership, check the CONTRIBUTORS file.

About the game

The main aims of the game:

  • Give a very flexible backbone for social deduction games, allow for great variety in future maps, mods and playtiles
  • Encourage collaborative gameplay that is equally fun for each participant
  • Chat integration and flexible chat rules to fit various needs
  • Free Software, Open Source, as all things should be

For the management of the development, we have 3 milestones that we are tracking on GitHub, see the Milestones page for current progress.

Goals for the alpha release

  • One (not finalized) game map, based on a fictional spy story from the 1960s cold war era,
  • working lobby for players,
  • customizable characters,
  • multiplayer with server side authority for all crucial steps,
  • in game text chat,
  • role assignment,
  • tasks to perform for a clean victory of the "agent team",
  • sabotage system for a clean victory of the "infiltrator team",
  • kill system,
  • items to carry and use,
  • meetings and "voting out" mechanics,
  • some miscellaneous map features.

Goals for the beta release

  • Finalized game map, based on a fictional spy story from the 1960s cold war era,
  • sufficient number of tasks for diverse gameplay,
  • sufficient number of items for a diverse gameplay,
  • unique misceallaneous map features,
  • all assets are in a coherent form that fit the game style,
  • the victory and loss conditions match the expectations for a social deduction game,
  • the number of game breaking bugs is minimal.

Goals for the fully playable release

  • Two or more distinct maps with unique features, tasks and goals,
  • all assets look good, modern, and fit the game theme,
  • the game is balanced,
  • the software is practically bug-free, no serious immersion breaking events.

Other plans for the undefined future

  • Integrated voice chat with optional location-based chat,
  • official server with match making.

Implementation of our goals

The exact way the abovementioned goals would be reached is part of the ongoing discussion in the community. Some points have been finalized, some are still being debated.


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