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Community Calendar

This calendar is adapted from ForknGo

Sometimes there are just too many things happening at one go. This calendar answers the question "what's the best day to have my event?".


To prevent something like this from happening again (yes this actually happened):

Events on 25th Sept 2019

  1. (Mandatory) DESIGN for SAFETY, 1400-1600
  2. (Mandatory) LCC, 1600-1700
  3. (Mandatory) PPP lecture, 1430-1530
  4. ISTD Welcome Tea, 1400,1600
  5. Talk: Transformtion for Innovation in SUTD, 1500-1600
  6. UPOP Advanced Module Workshop: Storytelling - Are you able to captivate your audience?, 1400-1730
  7. Advances in Urban Engineering: Machine Learning, Infrastructure Interdependencies, Design Processes, 1400-1500
  8. Real-world AI for community eye care 1300-1400
  9. Fire drill from 1800-2000


  1. Add events to this spreadsheet
  2. If you want to add tags, feel free to make a PR. It's currently hardcoded so that there isn't too many tags that would clutter the bar.