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The OpenSVC node agent
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lib Persist routed_bridge subnets assignments Oct 13, 2019
usr/share Add a check=last_run keyword to task drivers Oct 2, 2019
var/compliance/com.opensvc Fix substitution in json where the substituted value has chars needin… May 31, 2019
.codecov.yml Add a codecov configuration file Oct 11, 2018
.coveragerc Add a ip provision test to the provision test suite Jan 9, 2018
.gitignore Add more patterns to .gitignore Feb 14, 2019
.travis.yml Switch from coveralls to codecov in the travis cf Oct 11, 2018 Add a Oct 11, 2018
inpath.cmd Added cmd helper to make fair usage of Windows PATH environment variable Jan 20, 2014
nodemgr.cmd Fix the cmd files on windows Mar 10, 2018
osvcenv.cmd Add windows cmd files to git tracking Feb 6, 2014
svcmgr.cmd Fix the cmd files on windows Mar 10, 2018
svcmon.cmd Fix the cmd files on windows Mar 10, 2018
test-requirements.txt Restrict astroid version with py 2.6 Sep 30, 2018

A cluster orchestrator with a distinctive feature set

  • Powerful and simple to operate
  • Targeted at 1-32 nodes clusters
  • Human readable services configurations and status
  • Coherent alternative to a wide range of integration methods: from systemd to kubernetes
  • Highly redundant cluster communications (ucast, mcast, disk, 3rd site relay)
  • All nodes symmetric orchestration policies
  • Minimal dependencies
  • Orchestrate application stacks based on containers, and much more
  • Provision stacks from template configurations, including disk, vg, fs, ip
  • Optional CNI cluster networks, cluster DNS, ingress gateways
  • Open Operating Systems support
  • DevOps, or pipelined delivery + centralized Ops

Dig Agent Features

Playing With Services Demo

Agent Installation

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