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Fix the "om svc1 print config --format json|om svc2 create" pattern

The source service path was used as the target.
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cvaroqui committed Jul 15, 2019
1 parent b049c37 commit 7d5bae984479c114178ecada767ec5ef434ca0ad
Showing with 19 additions and 19 deletions.
  1. +19 −19 lib/
@@ -3080,35 +3080,35 @@ def install_service(self, path, fpath=None, template=None,
_data = {}
if isinstance(data, dict):
if "metadata" in data:
path = fmt_path(data["metadata"]["name"], data["metadata"]["namespace"], data["metadata"]["kind"])
tmppath = fmt_path(data["metadata"]["name"], data["metadata"]["namespace"], data["metadata"]["kind"])
del data["metadata"]
_data = {path: data}
_data = {tmppath: data}
for path, __data in data.items():
for tmppath, __data in data.items():
except ValueError:
raise ex.excError("invalid injected data format: %s is not a path" % path)
raise ex.excError("invalid injected data format: %s is not a path" % tmppath)
if "metadata" in __data:
del __data["metadata"]
_data[path] = __data
_data[tmppath] = __data
elif isinstance(data, list):
for __data in data:
path = fmt_path(__data["metadata"]["name"], __data["metadata"]["namespace"], __data["metadata"]["kind"])
tmppath = fmt_path(__data["metadata"]["name"], __data["metadata"]["namespace"], __data["metadata"]["kind"])
except (ValueError, KeyError):
raise ex.excError("invalid injected data format: list need a metadata section in each entry")
del __data["metadata"]
_data[path] = __data
_data[tmppath] = __data

if _data:
if path:
if len(_data) > 1:
raise ex.excError("multiple configs available to create a single service")
# force the new path
for path, __data in _data.items():
for tmppath, __data in _data.items():
if path.endswith("svc/dummy"):
if tmppath.endswith("svc/dummy"):
raise ex.excError("no path in deployment data")
_data = {
path: __data,
@@ -3119,22 +3119,22 @@ def install_service(self, path, fpath=None, template=None,
data = {path: {}}

if data:
for path in data:
data[path] = self.svc_conf_set(data[path], kw, env, interactive)
if path in env_to_merge:
if "env" in env_to_merge[path]:
_env_to_merge = env_to_merge[path]["env"]
for tmppath in data:
data[tmppath] = self.svc_conf_set(data[tmppath], kw, env, interactive)
if tmppath in env_to_merge:
if "env" in env_to_merge[tmppath]:
_env_to_merge = env_to_merge[tmppath]["env"]
_env_to_merge = env_to_merge[path]
_env_to_merge = env_to_merge[tmppath]
elif "env" in env_to_merge:
_env_to_merge = env_to_merge["env"]
_env_to_merge = env_to_merge
if isinstance(_env_to_merge, dict) and _env_to_merge:
if "env" not in data[path]:
data[path]["env"] = _env_to_merge
if "env" not in data[tmppath]:
data[tmppath]["env"] = _env_to_merge

if want_context():
req = {

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