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Stop server-sending the index.css, as it will be bundled in the js

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cvaroqui committed Jul 1, 2019
1 parent e019db0 commit c6cad80d92769b228eb3f327395ad7620ad0ec46
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@@ -2734,13 +2734,8 @@ def action_whoami(self, nodename, **kwargs):
def index(self, stream_id):
data = self.load_file("index.js")
self.h2_push_promise(stream_id, "/index.js", data, "application/javascript")
data = self.load_file("index.css")
self.h2_push_promise(stream_id, "/index.css", data, "text/css")
return 200, "text/html", self.load_file("index.html")

def index_js(self):
return 200, "application/javascript", self.load_file("index.js")

def index_css(self):
return 200, "text/css", self.load_file("index.css")

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