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OpenComponents, serverless in the front-end world.

OpenComponents is an open-source framework that allows fast-moving teams to easily build and deploy front-end components. It abstracts away complicated infrastructure and leaves developers with very simple, but powerful building blocks that handle scale transparently.

How does it work?

First, you create your component. It can contain logic to get some data (using node.js) and then the view, including css and js. It can be what you want, including React or Angular components or whatever you like.

Then, you publish it to the OpenComponents registry and you wait a couple of seconds while the registry prepares your stuff to be production-ready.

Now, every web app in your private or public network can consume the component via its own HTTP endpoint during server-side rendering or just in the browser.

We have been using for more than a year in production at OpenTable, for shared components, third party widgets, and more. Learn more about OC.

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Requirements and build status

Disclaimer: This project is still under heavy development and the API is likely to change at any time. In case you would find any issues, check the troubleshooting page.

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