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Python client

The python client for the Open Targets Platform REST API, opentargets-py, allows you to query the API automatically taking care of handling all the calls and returning data in a pythonic way.

The main advantages of using the client instead of querying the REST API directly are several fold. The python client:

  • Includes wrappers for all public methods, with query validation
  • Provides tools for the most common calls (e.g. get data for a target gene symbol. You do not need to know its Ensembl Gene ID)
  • Supports automatic retrieval of paginated results with an iterator pattern
  • Saves query results as JSON, CSV or Excel file
  • Follows HTTP cache as set by the REST API
  • Supports experimental HTTP2 for better performance (beware the client library is in alpha)

Head to our Read the docs page for more details on:

{% hint style="warning" %} This client is supported for Python 3.5.0 and more recent versions. It can also work on earlier versions such as python 2.7 on a best effort basis. {% endhint %}

If you have questions on the Open Targets python client, please email us.

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