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This page summarises specific iterative changes made to streamline the processes required to reproduce and maintain data pipelines and code across the Open Targets full stack.

Change log

Date Category Highlights Input data files Pipeline API Web App Quay
11-Jun-2019 Minor Front end change only. Resolved ticket 626 NA NA NA 3.12.3 19.04.7
17-May-2019 Minor Front end change only. Resolved ticket 601 NA NA NA 3.12.2 19.04.6
02-May-2019 Minor Posted data dumps NA NA NA 3.12.1 19.04.5
01-May-2019 Major 19.04 Data release 19.04 19.04.5 19.04.5 3.12.0 19.04.5
11-Apr-2019 Minor Added link-out to CRISPR Project Score website NA NA NA 3.11.4 19.02.1
14-Feb-2019 Minor Updated data dump file size on front end NA NA NA 3.11.1 NA
14-Feb-2019 Major 19.02 Data release 19.02 19.02.1 19.02.1 3.11.0 NA
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