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  • JDK 7 must be installed

  • ant must be installed

      export CXF_HOME='path to CXF home directory'
      cd solution
      ant clean
      ant assemble

This builds the WARs at jre-1.7/solution/deployment-unit/ containing the (JAX-RS compliant) middletier services:

  • opentdc-services-test.war: used for testing purposes and uses the file service providers as backend (see web.xml for more details)
  • opentdc-services.war: used as template for production use and uses the main service providers (such as openCRX) as backend (see web.xml for more details).

Copy the war-files manually into the installer project:

	cd opentdc
	cp jre-1.7/solution/deployment-unit/*.war installer/src/docker/opentdc-services/1.0/files

If you do not want to build the project, it is sufficient to clone the project 'installer'. It already contains the war-files in a current version.

Run Docker / JUnits

Container opentdc-opencrx

Backend-Container running openCRX.

	cd opentdc/installer/src/docker/opencrx/3.0
	sudo docker build -t opencrx:latest .
	cd opentdc/installer/src/docker/opentdc-opencrx/3.0
	sudo docker build -t opentdc-opencrx:latest .
	sudo docker run -d -p 8080:80 -p 8009:8009 -p 1143:1143 -p 1389:1389 -p 8001:8001 --name opentdc-opencrx opentdc-opencrx:latest
	sudo docker logs -f opentdc-opencrx


Container running the middletier services (e.g. opentdc-services.war, opentdc-services-test.war). This container is linked to the opentdc-opencrx container using the --link option.

	cd opentdc/installer/src/docker/opentdc-services/1.0
	sudo docker build -t opentdc-services:latest .
	sudo docker run -d -p 9080:80 -p 9009:8009 -p 9001:8001 --name opentdc-services --link opentdc-opencrx:opentdc-opencrx
	sudo docker logs -f opentdc-services

Other Operating Systems than Linux

On Mac OS/X or Windows, boot2docker is needed, a lightweight Linux distribution based on Tiny Core Linux made specifically to run Docker containers. It runs completely from RAM, weighs 27 MB and boots in 5s. The instructions to install the docker containers are the same as above with the following exceptions:

  • run the commands from within boot2docker
  • sudo is not needed
  • get the IP address of the boot2docker VM with 'boot2docker ip' (instead of localhost)

Running JUnits

Testing the file service providers with service running in local docker:

	cd test-solution
	ant -Dservice.url="http://localhost:9080/opentdc-services-test/" test

Testing the file service providers on Mac/Windows with service running in boot2docker:

	cd test-solution
	ant -Dservice.url="http://`boot2docker ip`:9080/opentdc-services-test/" test

Testing the main service providers with:

	cd test-solution
	ant -Dservice.url="http://localhost:9080/opentdc-services/" test

Testing only one test case:

	cd test-solution
	ant test	


All projects come with .project / .classpath files. You can import them in Eclipse.

Eclipse Setup 1

Eclipse Setup 2