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alt tag luci-commotion

Commotion configuration pages for the LuCI web interface.

luci-commotion is selected as a default build option in Commotion-Router (


Version 1.2

Version 2.0


The LuCI Commotion Theme was designed for the Commotion Wireless Project's openwrt-based software and is included by default in the commotion-feeds package, which is called by the commotion-router setup script.

Design changes should follow the Human Interface Guidelines described on the main project site.

This theme appears as luci-theme-commotion in Commotion-Router's menuconfig options



Commotion-apps contains a LuCI application portal for OpenWRT. It relies on the Commotion service manager to find nearby applications on the network.

The LuCI application portal adds some pages to the Commotion-Router menu. The main page shows all local applications on the mesh that have been approved by the node administrator. There are also pages for creating an application, as well as administrator pages for approving/blacklisting apps and changing settings related to applications.

Commotion-apps is selected as a default build option in Commotion-Router (

Advertising applications

Applications are advertised on a Commotion mesh network using Avahi/mDNS. Each application should have a .service file in the /etc/avahi/services/ directory. The structure of the service file should follow this template:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone='no'?><!--*-nxml-*-->
<!DOCTYPE service-group SYSTEM "avahi-service.dtd">

  <name replace-wildcards="yes">Service Name on %h</name>

    <type>_commotion._tcp</type> <!-- _svc-type.sub-type._tcp|udp -->
    <!--<host-name>%h.mesh.local</host-name>--> <!-- DON'T set hostname, because avahi will fail to resolve it when using mesh.local domain-->
    <port>443</port> <!--optional-->
    <txt-record>name=Example Application</txt-record>
    <txt-record>ttl=2</txt-record> <!--optional: how many hops away the service should be advertised-->
    <txt-record>uri=</txt-record> <!-- IP address or URL of service host -->
    <txt-record>type=circumvention</txt-record> <!-- each type should have its own txt-record -->
    <txt-record>fingerprint=FA7E03D576F9A6752194CFCBE402C455B7F0F8C8894F7C05F17ECE500D2DC648</txt-record> <!--fingerprint and signature are generated using serval-dna-->
    <txt-record>description=Commotion is an open-source communication tool that uses mobile phones, computers, and other wireless devices to create decentralized mesh networks.</txt-record>

Commotion Splash

luci-commotion-splash is an OpenWRT package that adds a LuCI web user interface for configuring the popular Nodogsplash captive portal.

Commotion Splash is selected as a default build option in Commotion-Router (


7 May 2013: Release v1.0
29 Aug 2013: Release v1.1.1
28 Dec 2013: Release v1.2

Commotion Dashboard Helper

Scripts and configuration to send data to a bigboard gatherer, along with LuCI interface for configuration.

Commotion Dashboard Helper is selected as a default build option in Commotion-Router (

Commotion Debug Helper

Commotion Debug Helper is a LuCI based bug collector for users to quickly gather relevant data for OpenWRT router issues

Commotion Debug Helper is selected as a default build option in Commotion-Router (

Commotion Lua Helpers

A set of lua "helper" modules for Commotion packages.

Commotion Lua Helpers are selected as a default build option in Commotion-Router (