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Building Lumicall from the command line with Gradle:
- gradle version 2.2.1 in the PATH. You can download it from the
gradle website and unzip it to /opt. Then:
export PATH=/opt/gradle-2.2.1/bin:$PATH
- zlib (32bits). On 64bit Debian based systems this can be done
by installing lib32z1:
apt-get install lib32z1
To build the project from the command line:
a) make sure you fetched the git submodules:
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
b) build the JNI code using the `ndk-build' tool
$ ${NDK_HOME}/ndk-build
c) set ANDROID_HOME to your SDK location, e.g.
$ export ANDROID_HOME=${HOME}/android/android-sdk-linux_86
d) make sure you create a properties file:
$ ln -s assets/
e) build Lumicall itself (automatically builds submodules)
$ gradle assembleDebug
$ find . -name '*.apk'
f) for a release build, specify the name of the signing key in
an environment variable
$ SIGNING_KEY=release-key gradle assembleRelease