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OpenTexts is an experimental service that provides free & open access to the digitised text collections of UK libraries.

Running the site locally

Clone the repo & initalise Docker

Clone the github repository: git clone

Initialise Docker:

docker-compose --env-file /dev/null up -d

Configure your local environment

Save a copy of env as .env in your root directory.

Uncomment line 17 to show error messages: CI_ENVIRONMENT = development

Request access to the Solr index

Email Stuart (@stuartlewis) with your IP address (or range) to be added to the Solr firewall. This will allow you to see results when running a search.

Install dependencies and start webpack

Run npm install to get all the npm modules you need to build the CSS, then npm start to run the development server.

Your local environment will be available at http://localhost:8080/

Start editing 🥳

This project uses Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building UIs. This means that most of the "design" work will happen right in next to your code.

User interface templates can be found in

Running a production build

Run npm run build to build the production CSS. Currently production CSS isn't checked into the app but this may change in the future.