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README for Python Implementation of LinkedIn API

LinkedIn API for Python
  This package provides a pure python interface for the LinkedIn Connection and Profile APIs.

  Author: `Ozgur Vatansever <>`

  LinkedIn ( provides a service that let people bring their LinkedIn profiles
  and networks with them to your site or application via their OAuth based API. This library provides a simple
  architecture over a complicated LinkedIn OAuth based API to make it for python programmers easy to use.

  You have 2 options:

  1) Getting the code from repository:
     - svn co http...

  2) Getting the code from Google Code website of python-linkedin
     - wget bla bla..

  Enter the directory you've just downloaded, and execute the following command on shell to install the package:
  - sudo python install


  In order to use it you have an 'application key' and 'application secret'.
  For debugging I am providing you those. You can use the following as api key and secret:

  KEY = wFNJekVpDCJtRPFX812pQsJee-gt0zO4X5XmG6wcfSOSlLocxodAXNMbl0_hw3Vl
  SECRET = daJDa6_8UcnGMw1yuq9TjoO_PMKukXMo8vEMo7Qv5J-G3SPgrAV0FqFCd0TNjQyG


  For testing the library using an interpreter, use the quick helper.
  from linkedin import helper
  api = helper.quick_api(KEY, SECRET)
  This will print a url to the screen. Go into this URL using a browser, after you login, the method will return with an api object you can now use.
  api.get_profile() etc...


  You can use "http://localhost" as the return url. Return URL is a url where LinkedIn redirects the user after he/she grants access to
  your application.
  from linkedin import linkedin

  RETURN_URL = "http://localhost" 

  api = linkedin.LinkedIn(KEY, SECRET, RETURN_URL)

  result = api.request_token() # result can be True or False
  # if True, you can open your browser and copy the authorization url of LinkedIn.
  api.get_authorize_url() # open this url on your browser
  # When you grants access to the application, you will be redirected to the return url with the following query strings appended to your RETURN_URL:
  auth_verifier = 04874
  # After you get the verifier, you call the accessToken() method to get the access token.
  result = api.access_token("04874") # result can be True or False
  # if True, now you can fetch the methods that LinkedIn provides. 
  # To fetch your profile, simply call GetProfile method.
  profile = api.get_profile() # is your id (may be null)

  # if you know your public url, call the method above with your public url for more information
  profile = api.get_profile(member_id = None, url = "") # is your id

  # To fetch your connections, simply call 
  connections = api.get_connections() # connections is a list of profiles

  This package is licensed under the GNU General Public License V2.

  To see the license, visit the following link: