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Spinel Specification: a general management protocol for enabling a host device to communicate with and manage a Network Control Processor (NCP).
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Spinel NCP Protocol Specification

This repository contains the raw, mmark-formatted sources for the documentation of the Spinel protocol (otherwise known just as "Spinel").

Spinel facilitates the control and management of IPv6 network interfaces on devices where general purpose application processors offload network functions at their interfaces to network co-processors (NCP) connected by simple communication links like serial data channels. Spinel was initially designed for use with Thread(R) network co-processors, but its core is general purpose and intended to be easily adapted to other types of IPv6 network interfaces.

The specific specifications currently being developed here are:

  • draft-rquattle-spinel-core: Spinel protocol core specification (in the core subdirectory)
  • draft-rquattle-spinel-network-save: Network-save functionality (in the network-save subdirectory)
  • draft-rquattle-spinel-thread: Support for Thread(R) (in the thread subdirectory)
  • draft-rquattle-spinel-gpio: Support for GPIO observation and manipulation (in the gpio subdirectory)
  • draft-rquattle-spinel-hbo: Support for host-buffer-offload (in the hbo subdirectory)
  • draft-rquattle-spinel-jam-detect: Support for jamming-detection (in the jam-detect subdirectory)
  • draft-rquattle-spinel-trng: Support for true random number generation (in the trng subdirectory)

These specifications are all intended to eventually become IETF standards-track, but are currently at varrying stages of completeness.


If you would like to build the Spinel documentation from these sources, the easiest way to do so is to use Docker and the included makefiles.

After Docker is set up properly on your machine, using make from the root will build all documentation targets. Using make from the individual directories will only build the documentation for that specific directory. The first time you run make, some extra time may be required while Docker fetches the appropriate container.

Temporary Registry

A temporary authoritative registry of all commands, properties, and capabilities is currently located in the registery directory. See the related README for more information.

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