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========== OpenTibia Server 0.6.3 ==========
===== =====

What is this?
	OTServ is a free MMORPG emulation, that creates a own gameworld server,
	based on the CIPSoft's Tibia.

How does it work?
	In the past OTServ could be played on Tibia 7.1, 7.11, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.61, 7.7, 7.71, 
	7.8, 7.81, ,7.82, 7.9, 7.92, 8.0, 8.1, 8.11, 8.2 ,8.21, 8.22, 8.3, 8.4, 8.41, 8.42, 8.5, 
	8.51, 8.52, 8.53, 8.54, 8.55, 8.56, 8.57.
	OTServ is now played using Tibia 8.60 and 8.61.

	To connect Tibia client to OTServ you will have to use an IP changer, you can get one here

	Once that's done, start the OTServ up, quite simple, just execute otserv.exe by
	double clicking it. 
	You have to execute some sql queries from schema.mysql, schema.pgsql or even schema.sqlite.
	And check it out. Once you are done, have a look around in the folders
	and take a look at the config.lua

	NEVER ever enter your real acc# and/or password when not connecting to the CIP servers.
	Then you are logged in.


	-Project Admins

	Khaos				(Inactive)
	Tliff			 	(Inactive)
	Spin				(Inactive)
	Shi'Voc				(Inactive)

	-Forum Administrators

	Tythor Zeth
	Tliff				(Inactive)
	Yorick				(Inactive)
	Pekay				(Inactive)
	Nuker				(Inactive)
	verkon				(Inactive)
	Evo					(Inactive)

	-Active Developers

	Assassina			OpenTibia
	hackerpotato		OpenTibia
	Nostradamus			POT/OpenTibia
	rafaelhamdan		OpenTibia
	Sim0ne				OpenTibia

	-Inactive Developers

	Acrimon				Initial project developer
	Haktivex			Initial project developer
	Fandoras			Initial project developer
	Reebow				Special protocol support
	Privateer			Documentation on the protocol
	Aire				OpenTibia
	Anstice				OpenTibia
	Arkold Thos			OpenTibia (Linux porter)
	bruno				OpenTibia (ODBC driver)
	Heliton				OpenTibia (scripting)
	Jiddo				OpenTibia (scripting)
	Winghawk			OpenTibia (scripting)
	Blackdemon			OpenTibia
	FightingElf			OpenTibia
	Gecko				OpenTibia
	Pedro B.			OpenTibia
	Matkus				OpenTibia
	OsoSangre			OpenTibia
	Smygflik			OpenTibia
	Snack				OpenTibia
	TiMMit				OpenTibia
	Primer				OpenTibia/OTClient (MAC porter)
	j4K3xBl4sT3r		OpenTibia/OTClient
	Wrzasq				POT/OpenTibia (database)
	Kilouco				YATC
	nfries88			YATC/OpenTibia
	the fike			Advisory, optimization
	Vitor				Advisory, optimization
	Decar				Fansite
	Torvik				Item list

	Those are some users that helped the project with patches or bug reports.
	adakraz, Bennet, Dored, Pietia10, Quintinon, Fusion666, Joffily, Ispiro, slawkens, Umby, Rogier1337, pajlada,
	Fernando Coutinho, Sapphire, Lithium, Proglin, LooS!k, Jason, nicaw, Xidaozu, Talaturen, The Chaos, Junkfood,
	Beet Da Brat, honux, Ruly, Steeled Blade, Xera, BurnMc, Cayan, BlackKnight, Thomac, mike2k1, SuperGillis,
	wik, Tijn, _X_Dead_X_, Skulldiggers, NeWsOfTzzz, kijano, Rex, DimiGhost, dark-bart, DeathClaw, Steelberg, Jero,
	TechnoPirate, Mozila, Thax, Ashganek, RicarDog, ZeroCoolz, K-Zodron, gerax, Urmel, Cip, wasabi, Jovial, Yurez,
	Rebell, Ilidian, blaxskull, dabobath, Mindrage, Eventide, MedionAktiver, Czepek, krt, mmb, Iyashii, Mazen, Figgi, 
	Rith, Rizz, Vinny, YobaK, Nexoz, Ferrus
	And special thanks to all moderators.

	We always need help. Post on the forum:
	OTFans -
		English community, the official site of OpenTibia. Also containing the OTWiki

	OTServNews -
		Always latest news from OpenTibia world.

	Want account maker for your server? Find one here:
	OTServ-AAC -
		Website that used to promote "good" AAC scripts, now is a website for POT (PHP OTServ Toolkit)

	Need to promote your server? Put it on servers list:
	OTServList -
		Official OTServ list, you dont need any other ;).

	Necesitas ayuda?
	Tibia4 -
		Official spanish-talking otserv site.

	Note that only websites mentioned in this document are treated as official support of OTServ.
	No other websites are officialy affiliated with OTServ.

Anything else?
	Yes! There are utilities available as a seperate package soon at the sourceforge site
	where the otserv project is, check out Releases there soon on best utilites that are
	most helpful.
	We have a chat room now as well on #otserv at