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Python3 library for creating and verifying OpenTimestamps proofs.


From the PyPi repository:

pip3 install opentimestamps


Similar to the author's python-bitcoinlib, the codebase is split between the consensus-critical opentimestamps.core.* modules, and the non-consensus-critical opentimestamps.* modules. The distinction between the two is whether or not changes to that code are likely to lead to permanent incompatibilities between versions that could lead to timestamp validation returning inconsistent results between versions.

Unit tests

python3 -m unittest discover -v

Additionally Travis is supported.

SSL Root Certificates

On some MacOS setups SSL certificates may be missing. The following commands could be of use to resolve this error (the below example assumes a user is running Python "3.7", and is using Certifi package):

cd /Applications/Python\ 3.7
Install\ Certificates.command
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