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Use opengl32 instead of gdi32 throughout

Since we are dynamically loading opengl32.dll, we are supposed to use
the wgl version of functions that exist in both opengl32 and gdi32 dlls.
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1 parent 9c2db33 commit 9129e6234304da76685fe96161e5ae63e3ecf784 @thefiddler thefiddler committed Dec 17, 2013
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  1. +2 −2 Source/OpenTK/Platform/Windows/WinGLContext.cs
@@ -389,13 +389,13 @@ static bool IsValid(IntPtr address)
PixelFormatDescriptor pfd = new PixelFormatDescriptor();
- Functions.DescribePixelFormat(
+ Wgl.DescribePixelFormat(
window.DeviceContext, (int)mode.Index.Value,
API.PixelFormatDescriptorSize, ref pfd);
- if (!Functions.SetPixelFormat(window.DeviceContext, (int)mode.Index.Value, ref pfd))
+ if (!Wgl.SetPixelFormat(window.DeviceContext, (int)mode.Index.Value, ref pfd))
throw new GraphicsContextException(String.Format(
"Requested GraphicsMode not available. SetPixelFormat error: {0}",

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