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[X11] Added glXQueryVersion DllImport.

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1 parent 9075129 commit 9d840e596971c5789394a70e48355dd54a34322e @thefiddler thefiddler committed
Showing with 5 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +5 −2 Source/OpenTK/Platform/X11/Bindings/Glx.cs
7 Source/OpenTK/Platform/X11/Bindings/Glx.cs
@@ -344,9 +344,9 @@ internal static bool SupportsFunction(string name)
[DllImport(Library, EntryPoint = "glXQueryDrawable")]
public static extern ErrorCode QueryDrawable(IntPtr dpy, IntPtr drawable, GLXAttribute attribute, out int value);
[DllImport(Library, EntryPoint = "glXQueryExtension")]
- public static extern bool QueryExtension(IntPtr dpy, ref int errorBase, ref int eventBase);
+ public static extern bool QueryExtension(IntPtr dpy, out int errorBase, out int eventBase);
[DllImport(Library, EntryPoint = "glXQueryExtensionsString")]
static extern IntPtr QueryExtensionsStringInternal(IntPtr dpy, int screen);
@@ -356,6 +356,9 @@ public static string QueryExtensionsString(IntPtr dpy, int screen)
return Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi(QueryExtensionsStringInternal(dpy, screen));
+ [DllImport(Library, EntryPoint = "glXQueryVersion")]
+ public static extern bool QueryVersion(IntPtr dpy, out int major, out int minor);
[DllImport(Library, EntryPoint = "glXCreateContext")]
public static extern IntPtr CreateContext(IntPtr dpy, IntPtr vis, IntPtr shareList, bool direct);

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