Resizing GameWindow causes it to move offscreen. #13

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Setting the Width property of a GameWindow will cause the window to reposition itself in the upper-left corner of the screen in such a way that the title bar is off the screen. Setting the Height property doesn't seem to do this.

I've only tested this in Windows XP, so I'm not sure if the same behavior affects Vista/7/8, or any other platform.


Confirmed, investigating.

This only affects the native Windows backend, the SDL2 backend appears to be working correctly. (You can test by copying SDL2.dll from Dependencies/x86 to your application directory.)

@thefiddler thefiddler added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 5, 2013
@thefiddler thefiddler ClientRectangle should not affect window location
Fixes issue #13

Can you please verify that f32aee7 fixes this issue?


Compiled and tested the fix, and the issue seems to be resolved. Resizing the window is working as expected.

Thanks a lot.


Thanks for testing, one less bug in the wild.

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