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Xbox 360 controller does not report dpad changes #64

Villermen opened this Issue Feb 21, 2014 · 7 comments

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In OpenTK 1.1, after the introduction of hats I'm still not able to detect changes in the dpad on my wired Xbox 360 controller. The device is shown as having 1 hat, but the neither of the hats/axes/buttons change when I use the dpad. Everything else gets detected just fine. As far as I know the dpad should be reported either as 2 axes or as a hat. I can supply more details if requested.

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Am I right to assume that you are using Windows?

It appears that the commit that adds hat support to the WinMM driver has somehow gone missing. This is weird.

As a temporary workaround you can use the SDL2 backend by copying SDL2.dll from Dependencies/x86 or x64 to your application directory.


Yep I'm using Windows. I'll see if it works, thanks for the quick response =)


When I copy the backend into the application directory it will no longer detect connected gamepads (Joystick.GetState(0).IsConnected will be false instead of the usual true). The problem is not a pressing matter so I can easily wait till the driver's back though.


That was a mistake on my part, I used the 86x version because that's what the application builds for. The x64 one works I believe as it still detects the gamepad, but still no hats reporting.


If your application is built for x86, then you should use the x86 version of the dll. You can check whether the SDL2 backend is in use via the OpenTK.Configuration.RunningOnSdl2 property.



The configuration option says it's running on the dll (I switched back to the x86 one that didn't show any connected gamepads).

@Villermen Villermen added a commit to Villermen/HatlessEngine that referenced this issue Feb 21, 2014
@Villermen Villermen Lotsa shiet (desc.)
IShape for generic intersection tests.
OpenTK 1.1. (also in QuickFont).
Hat support for Input (will still not detect xbox360 dpad
Origin of a rectangle is now the offset of the top left corner to the
position (rotation happens around the position now).
Using a rectangle for sprite drawing, it was pretty much the same code
Still no proper collision checks in PhysicalObjects, that's up next

Fixed by #78

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