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Accessing OpenTok Advanced Insights GraphQL with Node.js

Depending on the third-party GraphQL endpoint you're trying to use, CORS headers may restrict you from accessing the endpoint directly from your front-end. This sample provides an example of creating an Express Node.js application to abstract third-party GraphQL endpoints on the server side. This allows your front-end application to communicate with your backend which is acting as a middle-man to your third-party GraphQL endpoint.

Welcome to OpenTok

If you're new to OpenTok, you can sign up for a Tokbox account and get some free credit to get you started.


Configuring the application

  1. Clone this repository.

  2. Edit the /js/config.js file and set values each of the variables.

Variable Description
OPENTOK_API_KEY Project specific API Key found in your TokBox Account
OPENTOK_API_SECRET Project specific secret found in your TokBox Account

Getting Help

We love to hear from you so if you have questions, comments or find a bug in the project, let us know! You can either:

Further Reading

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