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OpenTok is a free set of APIs from TokBox that enables websites to weave live group video communication into their online experience. Check out for more information.
This is the official OpenTok PHP Server SDK for generating Sessions, Tokens, and retriving Archives. Please visit our getting started page if you are unfamiliar with these concepts.


Download the php files
git clone

Include these files in your site.

    require_once 'SDK/OpenTokSDK.php';
    require_once 'SDK/OpenTokArchive.php';
    require_once 'SDK/OpenTokSession.php';


You need an api-key and secret. Request them at


In order to use any of the server side functions, you must first create an OpenTokSDK object with your developer credentials.
OpenTokSDK takes 2-3 parameters:

key (string) - Given to you when you register
secret (string) - Given to you when you register
Production (Boolean) - OPTIONAL. Puts your app in staging or production environment. Default value is false
For more information about production apps, check out

// Creating an OpenTok Object in Staging Environment
$apiObj = new OpenTokSDK('1127', 'your app secret');

// Creating an OpenTok Object in Production Environment
$apiObj = new OpenTokSDK('1127', 'your app secret', TRUE); 

Creating Sessions

Use your OpenTokSDK object to create session_id
createSession takes 1-2 parameters:

location (string) - give Opentok a hint on where you are running your application
properties (object) - OPTIONAL. Set peer-to-peer as enabled or disabled. Disabled by default

// Creating Simple Session object, passing IP address to determine closest production server
$session = $apiObj->createSession( $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] );

// Creating Simple Session object 
// Enable p2p connections
$session = $apiObj->createSession( $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"], array(SessionPropertyConstants::P2P_PREFERENCE=> "enabled") );

Generating Token

With the generated session_id, you can start generating tokens for each user. generate_token takes in hash with 1-4 properties:

session_id (string) - REQUIRED
role (string) - OPTIONAL. subscriber, publisher, or moderator
expire_time (int) - OPTIONAL. Time when token will expire in unix timestamp
connection_data (string) - OPTIONAL. Metadata to store data (names, user id, etc)

// You must have a valid sessionId and an OpenTokSDK object
$apiObj = new OpenTokSDK('11421872', '296cebc2fc4104cd348016667ffa2a3909ec636f');
$sessionId = '1_MX4xMTQyMTg3Mn5-MjAxMi0wNi0wOCAwMTowNjo1MC40NTMxMzIrMDA6MDB-MC40OTY0OTM3NjIzMjh';

// After creating a session, call generateToken(). Require parameter: SessionId
$token = $apiObj->generateToken($sessionId);

// Giving the token a moderator role, expire time 5 days from now, and connectionData to pass to other users in the session
$token = $apiObj->generateToken($sessionId, RoleConstants::MODERATOR, time() + (5*24*60*60), "hello world!" );
echo $token;

Downloading Archive Videos

To Download archived video, you must have an Archive ID which you get from the javascript library
If You don't know how to get an Archive ID, please refer to the documentation or our quick tutorial

Delete Archive

Delete a achive, you must have an Archive ID which you get from the javascript library
If You don't know how to get an Archive ID, please refer to the documentation or our quick tutorial


Make sure you have a valid moderator token and an OpenTokSDK object
getArchiveManifest(...) creates an OpenTokArchive Object, which contains information for all videos in the Archive
get_archive_manifest() takes in 2 parameters: archiveId and moderator token

archive_id (string) - REQUIRED.
token (string) - REQUIRED.
returns an OpenTokArchive object. The resources property of this object is array of OpenTokArchiveVideoResource objects, and each OpenTokArchiveVideoResource object represents a video in the archive.

// Make sure token has the moderator role
$token = $apiObj->generateToken($sessionId, RoleConstants::MODERATOR);

// This archiveId is generated from your javascript library after you record something
$archiveId = '5f74aee5-ab3f-421b-b124-ed2a698ee939';

// Create an archive object
$archive = $apiObj->getArchiveManifest($archiveId, $token);


The OpenTokArchive has a getResources() function that returns and array of OpenTokArchiveVideoResource object.

// Create an archive object
$archive = $apiObj->getArchiveManifest($archiveId, $token);

// Get the array of video sources
$resources = $archive->getResources();

Video Id

OpenTokArchiveVideoResource has getId() method that returns the videoId, which you can use to get the video file
getId() will return the video ID (String)


// Get the array of video sources
$resources = $archive->getResources();

// Get video Id
$vid = $resources[0]->getId();  

Get Download Url

OpenTokArchive has downloadArchiveURL that will return an url string for downloading the video in the archive. You must call this function every time you want the file, because this url expires after 24 hours

video_id (string) - REQUIRED
token (string) - REQUIRED
returns url string


// Get video Id
$vid = $resources[0]->getId();  

// Get file URL
$url = $archive->downloadArchiveURL($vid, $token);


  • Production apps are set by Boolean parameter when initializing OpenTokSDK
  • downloadArchiveURL now takes in 2 parameters, and returns the file URL
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