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Multiparty UICollectionView Sample App

If you plan to build a multiparty app, you may want to use UICollectionView to dynamically adapt to the screen size and display the video views of all participants in an OpenTok session.

Important: To use this application, follow the instructions in the Quick Start section of the main README file for this repository.

Use UICollectionView to easily specify the way views are displayed.

Creating a custom layout for UICollectionView

When building custom layouts, you need to subclass UICollectionViewLayout and override two methods (prepare() and layoutAttributesForElements(in:)) and a computed property (collectionViewContentSize).

First, you need to return the size of the entire UICollectionView. In our case, since we want to fill the entire screen without scrolling, we simply return the size of the UICollectionView container by overriding collectionViewContentSize():

override var collectionViewContentSize: CGSize {
    return collectionView?.superview?.bounds.size ?? CGSize()

When the view is going to be laid out, UIKit calls the implementation of the MultipartyLayout.prepare() method. This method prepares values used when the views are drawn. It populates a cache, which is a UICollectionViewLayoutAttributes object that specifies the size and position of each item:

override func prepare() {
    guard let views = collectionView?.numberOfItems(inSection: 0)
        else {

    if views != cachedNumberOfViews {

    if cache.isEmpty {
        cachedNumberOfViews = views
        let attribs: [UICollectionViewLayoutAttributes] = {
            switch views {
            case 1:
                return attributesForPublisherFullScreen()
            case 2:
                return attributesForPublisherAndOneSubscriber()
            case let x where x > 2 && x.isEven:
                return attributesForAllViewsTwoByTwo(withNumberOfViews: x)
            case let x where x > 2 && !x.isEven:
                return attributesForPublisherOnTopAndSubscribersTwoByTwo(withNumberOfViews: x)
                return []

        cache.append(contentsOf: attribs)

The implementation of the UICollectionViewLayout.layoutAttributesForElements(in:) method is called when the views are laid out. It returns the cache containing the actual view sizes:

override func layoutAttributesForElements(in rect: CGRect) -> [UICollectionViewLayoutAttributes]? {
    return cache
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