Logstash config for System Security Services Daemon
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Logstash config for System Security Services Daemon (sssd)

This configuration is dived in a few parts.

Rsyslog configuration

Rsyslog config is very simple, just looks in a file and forward with the syslog config you have already but add a little sssd tag before the message (this is important).

Logstash configfiles

Logstash configuration is divided in two parts.

Look at the syslog messages and if it contains sssd add a tag for logstash named sssd and also do initial parsing of message.

A log line will look something like this.

sshd TIMESTAMP (sssd timestamp) [logging facility in sssd] some info and message

The initial parsing will put the logging facility from ssd into the field sssd_type

Then this message will be picked up by the second part of the parsing, where an if else-block will look at sssd_type and then send that to the parsing of those lines.

the if-else block is so the most common lines will be parsed first, and less common lines will go further down the line.

Grok patterns

Grok patterns are one per unique line in the logfiles I have seen so far. And then there is a compound pattern for each sssd_type in the bottom of the patterns file. To de clutter the logstash config.