Utility library for creating OpenToonz FX plugins using OpenCV
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OpenToonz Plugin Utility


You can develop raster effects worked on FX Schematic using COM-like low-level interfaces. opentoonz_plugin_utility is a wrapper library of the interfaces. The library makes it easy to create new plugin effects.

How to install created plugins


This section introduce how to build plugins from source codes. Skip this section, if you already had .plugin files.

  1. Download source codes.
  2. Build them (see their reference).
  3. Rename file extensions to .plugin, if their extensions were .dll, .dylib or .so.


  1. Move .plugin files to ${path-to-opentoonz-stuff}/plugins directory.
  2. Restert OpenToonz.
  3. Plugins are loaded, and you can choose those plugin effects in a FX Schematic window.

${path-to-opentoonz-stuff} is /Applications/OpenToonz/OpenToonz_1.0_stuff/plugins/ (OSX) or C:\OpenToonz 1.0 stuff\plugins (Windows) by default.

How to develop plugins using the library

see here.